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Published 8 May 2013

The art of blogging is a tough one and, while there are a lot of really interesting writers out there just waiting to be heard, it's not quite so easy to get your message across. And, therein lies the biggest problem with blogging - getting your voice heard! Glipho is a community for writers that takes blogging social and creates a place where you can display your articles and publish your work in minutes. Connect your Instagram or Flickr accounts and embellish your work with photos while adding your Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts to complete your social picture.
Thanks to the internet, everyone has the potential to be a writer publishing their thoughts. Glipho pushes that potential even further by putting the social into blogging and lets you start publishing, reach a bigger audience and gain new followers in a matter of minutes. Glipho is a publishing engine where the content is ranked and highlighted by users. Come and read what you care about,  choose the topics and writers that appeal to you and then follow them. Engage with your readers or other writers by either writing from scratch using the desk feature or import your existing posts from your Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr accounts in just a couple of clicks and with all your SEO being taken care off. Unique features such as trending writers and versions will allow you to create your own version of any existing Gliph and link it to the original. Then...