Developer description

GlobeSnap is a social network app on iOS that combines location-based photo-sharing with competetive and fun elements.

We divide the world into small 500x500 meter areas. By taking a photo within one of them and uploading it, you "conquer" it and add it to your personal GlobeSnap grid. For every area you conquer you receive 10 points. Additionally, depending on the quality of the photo, you receive up to another 10 bonus points.

But who determines photo quality? Our users. In "Explore" you get a photo feed with random photos near you. You give your Like or Dislike by swipe or button. You can comment, too, of course. And even look up the location where the photos were taken. For every 10 rated photos you can earn another 1-5 Points.

Points? Why Points? Your GlobeSnap Score determines your rank in our leaderboards. We have four of those. GlobeSnap Score - Total Followers - Total Likes - Conquered areas. At any time you can look up your ranks within those leaderboards. Either your global rank or your rank within your friends.

GlobeSnap is all about finding beautiful things to photograph all over the world, at any place. No matter how dirty or dark a place is, theres always some beauty hidden somewhere. Or that new, amazing burger restaurant at the corner that nobody knows about yet. Find those gems, share them with the world and get to the Top 10 of our leaderboards!

Last updated 6 Mar 2016

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