Developer description

Glossong is the revolutionary new platform which helps you to learn new languages, singing and having fun. It's a way to express yourself with rhythm, where you can share your favorite songs and lyrics. Finally giving the chance to others to understand the songs the way you do, no matter the language.
The idea is simple:
1. Select the song you want to listen to.
2. Sing with the Karaoke style lyric.
3. Translate any word you want,
4. Enjoy and learn!!
Glossong currently has support on more than 13 languages on an embedded dictionary where you will be able to translate your favorite songs. Some of the songs were translated by real people so you will be able to read the lyric with more accurate translations.
- Simplified UI
- Real time suggestions on search
- Embedded dictionary
- Support for more than 13 languages
- Synchronized lyrics (LRC)
- Playlist
- Phrasebook
- and much more...
Our goal is to unify the world with music.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015