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One of the great travel apps just got even better

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Go pro travelling is a web based application allowing travellers to map their trips with extreme ... More

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Published 19 Oct 2012

We ran a review of this excellent travel app a few months ago but since it has just been seriously updated with some eye popping new features we thought it deserved a further mention. Go Pro Traveling have just launched an exciting, unique and very cool bunch of new features including one that takes your maps LIVE. Now, when you create a travel map, it is transformer into an animated map so you can physically see exactly the route you need to take and it does this without the use of any Flash technology. Add this to the bold new interface and another feature that lets your friends literally pin travel suggestions on to your map and you will see that what used to be a great travel app just got even better. Regular readers will know how much we like a good travel app and Go Pro Travelling is certainly a good travel app...and now with even greater benefits. With more than a nod in the direction of Gmaps in view of design Go Pro is a comprehensive free travel app that let's you plan, map and personalize your trip and add information and photos pre and post trip before sharing your details with friends and family via your favorite social network.
Go Pro Travelling is a web-based application that allows all kinds of travelers to map, explore and share their trips with extreme detail. It lets you visualize your trip with one screen multiple media...