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Developer description

It is fun to play Goal Kick card game.

Goal Kick card game is a variant of the card game Red Dog Poker (also known as Acey Deucey, Yablon, In-Between or Sheets). It is a simple card game that involves betting.


Ace is counted as one. Jack, Queen and King is counted as 11, 12 and 13 respectively.

How to Play

1. Each player bet initially with a fixed amount. e.g. $10

2. The total amount on the desk pool will then be the total amount of all the players' initial betting.

3. Two cards are dealt face up, and each player bets on whether a third card will rank between the first two cards.

4. The player is allowed to place a bet, up to the size of the desk pool. If the third card drawn is between the first two cards, the player wins.

5. If the third card drawn is out of the first two cards, the player loses his betting.

6. If the third card matches any of the first two, the player loses and the player need to lose double of the betting amount !

7. The desk pool betting will be accumulated until a game completed.

8. Each game can only be completed when any player won and take all the betting on the desk pool.

你覺得今天是幸運的一天嗎? 如是, 約埋三五知己一起玩射龍門遊戲吧! 它是一個超刺激、兼有趣簡單易懂的撲克牌遊戲。玩法就是假設有5名玩家, 而每人首先要付出10元硬幣,這時池中便總共會有50元金額。接下來螢幕會顯示兩張牌,玩家需下注並猜測下一張牌的數字是否介於這兩數字之間,下注金額會隨著桌面上有-
多少而增加的。如開出的牌是介於螢幕顯示的兩張牌之間 , 該玩家便會獲得下注的金額 ; 但如開出的牌是超出螢幕顯示的兩張牌之間, 那玩家便會輸掉下注的金額; 還有一個特別例子, 如開出的牌是螢幕顯示兩張牌中的其中一隻, 這個情況稱為"撞柱", 玩家不僅輸,而且還要拿出所喊金額的雙倍!!

Last updated 31 Oct 2012