Developer description

Various 'how to' questions are approximately 40% of questions asked on the internet. There is a clear demand for answers that address those questions. And since 'how to' will often be unique for each individual, due to thousands of factors that make us unrepeatable, the demand will hardly ever decrease

That’s why we created Goalchieve

Goalchieve is a free, collaborative online platform, that helps users to achieve their goals.

Users share their knowledge, advice and experience, which allows them to help each other succeed in their ventures and challenges they face. But unlike other q&a websites, Goalchieve allows to split user’s big question into small, easy to follow steps. User describes what his goal is, and other members give him suggestions on how he should approach it.

But here's the major difference between Goalchieve and any other q&a website: once user gets stuck again, he can ask follow-up question, addressing his current challenge. And the process continues, until the goal is achieved!

In a way, Goalchieve is a GPS for Goals.

Our initial target market are solopreneurs, small businesses, startups, professionals

Our Unique Selling Points are:
​- there is no hypothetical answers to hyphotetical questions - users’ goals are real, currentl and specific, and so are the answers.
​- no more long, vague answers that try to predict all the challenges user will face. Answers are short and sharp, answering user's current problem, not the ones he “might” be facing.
​- unique layout prevents offtopics, trolling or discouragement, so that user can stay on his / her path and focus on real challenges
​- although there is a “search” function, we rather focus on user’s and user goal’s uniqueness - no more ultimate-ninja-nonsense-how-to guides, Goalchieve allows user to create his very own 'how-to' guide, tailored to his very specific needs, skills and circumstances.
​- ability to share the goal with Twitter followers and Facebook friends in one click.

Last updated 1 Feb 2016

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