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Developer description

We just launched a new daily fantasy sports app called GOAT and would love your consideration for review.


GOAT is a daily fantasy sports game that is easy and fast to play. Each day, the game opens at 1pm PST and players answer 5 questions about upcoming sports events for that day. Players that answer all 5 questions correctly wins and will split the prize money. The game is free to play.

Our Differentiation:

Unlike most fantasy sports games, GOAT is super easy and fast to play. You do not need deep sports knowledge to play because it's predicting what will happen in future games. It is also super fast to play, takes less than a minute!

Feedback from our users:

We have very high daily participation rate. The most common request we get from our players is they want more. More questions, more games, more categories. 

Supporting Information: 

Link to app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/g-o-a-t-daily-fantasy-sports/id1319634705?mt=8

Link to screenshots: https://cloudup.com/cwuDxS_JJwY

Please let us know if you need anything else! Today's game closes at 4pm PST if you want to experience a game first hand.

Thank you for your considerations!


Last updated 20 Dec 2017

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