Developer description

By rebranding our private sportsbook software, what used to take months of custom development can now be launched in just hours. It’s fast, easy to set-up and requires little or no investment.
Whether you are an experienced old school bookie, or you are just entering the business, you can enjoy the many advantages we offer.
We will deliver everything you need to start your own sportsbook website in a timely manner.
Our sportsbook is absolutely web based, meaning that no software will be installed on your personal computer – thus leaving no trace of your business activities. Instead, your sportsbook website will be accessible from any computer with an internet connection and a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc…).
We work on a Pay-per-Head basis so that maintaining minimum transaction volumes are not a concern for you.
Our gambling turnkey solution allows complete scalability.
With our solution at hand, all you have to focus on is getting new customers and collecting your money!
You can offer your players thousands of the most popular sporting events available. Your new white-label sportsbook solution will ensure your players spend all their gaming dollars with you and no-one else.

100% web based.
No Programming.
No Downloads.
No equipment costs.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010