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Editor's review

Published 12 Sep 2012

It could be said that this new document management application is a giant step for GoDocs and an even bigger one for Google Docs. While many of us use Google Docs in our personal and professional life, GoDocs takes it mobile. It gives you full access to all features of your Google Docs and Google Drive account wherever you are and whenever you want. This takes Docs out of your home or work computer and out on the road via your iPhone and iPad making it a very flexible way of accessing your important information.
GoDocs provides users with fully featured access to their Google Docs™ and Google Drive™ account from anywhere in the world. This app is a universal productivity solution for everybody. This new version resolves a few problems from the previous version and includes improvements like the ability to convert your PDFs and Images into editable text. You can now also make your files and folders visible or viewless. Upload videos from your gallery, download, mail, organize or delete several files at the same time. GoDocs features a cool and easy to navigate interface and you can even play your stored video and audio files in the built in multimedia player. Where this app really excels is in the sharing, the push notifications and it's ability to handle  multiple accounts. Switching between accounts is quick and easy and can be achieved at the click of a button.
For Google Docs fans, GoDoc is going to prove to be a very useful acquisition and means that, no matter where you are, you can access all your Docs on your iOS. While there are some editing issues there is certainly enough to get by and do some basic editing, if necessary. GoDocs is a very professional set of document sharing and management tools that will make life a lot easier for Google Docs  users. At around five bucks it could be the best fiver that busy Google Docs have ever spent.

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