Developer description

GoFantastic is the first on demand app of its kind to book any service for your home, office or garden from just one company (Fantastic Services) on the instant. From cleaning, house moving and gardening to handyman jobs, pest control, rubbish removal and pet sitting – this app can send a team of Fantastic specialists to the rescue.

GoFantastic is carefully crafted to perfection, which makes it user friendly and easy to navigate through. In addition to its brilliant interface, all the services the app offers are well arranged, with rich descriptions and photos to present them in details and avoid client confusion.

There are seven main service categories which you can explore:

* Cleaning
* Handyman
* Gardening
* Removals
* Rubbish Removal
* Pet Care
* Pest Control

With GoFantastic you can:

* Enjoy professional services of always the same high quality provided by fully insured and vetted technicians
* Easily manage appointments – edit, rebook, cancel
* Different payment options available
* Include photos or video during the booking process to better illustrate your needs
* Keep record of all the services booked via the app
* Connect with a Customer Service operator 24/7 – call or start a chat from within the app!
* Receive personal offers and reminders for services you might be interested in
* Book exclusive deals available only to app users for a limited period of time!

Fun Fact: the CEO of Fantastic Services can book a service through the app in under 30 seconds, with the record being 7!

Last updated 14 Aug 2015

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