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Fulfill your cafe and WiFi needs with the ultimate coffee filter

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We are providing coffee shops, tea bars and pop up co-working spaces a simple and easy way to ... More

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Published 15 Aug 2016

I don't know about how it is where you are but coffee is a big deal where I live. Sometimes the aroma that pervades the atmosphere as one drives through certain suburbs on the way to the city is truly intoxicating. But of course, everyone has slightly differing tastes when it comes to coffee and many will drive past many many coffee shops to get to the one that makes it just the way that they like it. Some like their coffee beans to be all plucked from the same region while some prefer a blend of flavors. Some like to have a chat with fellow drinkers while others prefer to drink in solitude. Some just want the nearest place that has WiFi. Well here's a new app for iOS and Android that is the ultimate for the coffee addicts amongst us.

GoGoGuest is pretty much a social network for coffee aficionados. It will tell you fast and accurately where the best coffee is in town and the ones that have great WiFi connectivity. The developers have gathered together - all in one place - the best places to go in many cities around the world so that you can easily search them out whenever you need that coffee hit. It also provides detailed maps showing you the best places and how to get there. This is particularly useful when you are in unfamiliar territory on vacation or just out on the road for work.

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