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Fulfill your cafe and WiFi needs with the ultimate coffee filter

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Published 15 Aug 2016

[cont'd] number of ways. First up, you can filter for coffee shops that provide WiFi as a service. Alternatively, you can choose whether you want a place that's quiet - so you can do a little work while you're there - or you can find a place that's social. Maybe you want to have a chat about the state of the world with fellow coffee lovers or let off a bit of steam about the latest piece of Trump rhetoric. Finally, if all you want is a coffee and don't care too much about single origin or suchlike, you can filter the app to simply give you the closest place to your location.

You can invite friends to join you in your chosen place whether it be for a work gathering or just a meet up with friends. You can even see what other GoGoGuest users are up to and see the ones that may be around you while you indulge in your love of coffee. You can explore neighborhoods and cities for your preferred coffee blend - or tea flavors, if it comes to that. Right now, there are over 3,000 establishments listed - all with photos and detailed descriptions of their individual specialities - on the app. The app itself is clean, clear and easy to navigate and you can easily see what a coffee shop offers and how far away it is.

When I was in the US when WiFi was well and truly up and...