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Quickly find the best time to meet. Suggest dates and invite friends to vote - no app or account ... More

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Published 21 Jul 2017

Coordinating meetings and get togethers used to be so simple. Just pick up the phone and call the relevant parties was the way to go. It was effective but hardly dynamic, though. Then social media sites reared their ugly heads and everything changed. Suddenly we were able to contact people on mass and share everything - including details of the event and the photos that accompanied them. Then the social media sites like Facebook turned into behemoths. Gone was the intimacy and privacy that existed before. These days, people are spread over a number of different social networks and many are turning away from Facebook because it seems to be filled with adverts and Trumpisms.

As a result, there have been a number of niche social networks cropping up all over the place. Each seems to have its own unique slant on the art of community. goHappy is a new social meeting and planning app for iOS that fulfils its role very nicely. It's an app that both professionals and regular folk will find very useful for planning and reporting on events. Whether it's a wedding, a sports event, a vacation, a night out with friends or a town hall meeting, goHappy lets users plan the right time to get together. Just suggest a few possible dates for the event and invite friends to vote on the most popular and convenient one. It won't even matter whether they have the app or an account. Once decided upon, everyone...