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The easiest way to plan your get together

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Published 21 Jul 2017

[cont'd] so that everyone knows what's happening all the time. You can chat before, during and after the event to work out the fine details and quickly and easily send updates and reminders. Many people are rightly nervous of posting photos of their kids on Facebook for safety and security reasons. With goHappy, all the photos from the event will be stored together in one place just for the participants to see.

We all know the difficulties in organising a get together with friends. It's even tougher if it's a council meeting where many of the people don't even know each other. It involves countless phone calls, emails or text messages to keep everyone informed. goHappy is not only easier, it also ensures a better turnout . There are countless groups right across the spectrum of the community who will benefit from the organisational abilities of goHappy. They include civic and business groups, meet-up and school groups, sports teams and local neighborhood groups as well as friends, families and folks just wanting to get together for a night out. The app itself looks great and features a clean and easy to navigate user interface and is mobile and tablet ready. It's available now for iPhone and iPad in the App Store and it's free.