Developer description

Connect with family, friends or group of people in one private account. Search for GoldenTrail on the internet and signup an account to get started.

Privately connect with your family, friends or group and simply setup a Zome. A boundary which allows everyone to be notified when they arrive or exit's the area.

With Zome, you do not need to keep messaging "asking where is everyone" or "Have you arrived yet?".
Feel easy and free, walk around the shopping mall, do your stuff without worrying of waiting ever again.

Call important people in life within your private group.

GoldenTrail also provides proven fail safe scenario's to help build safety.

When your family, friends or group are unreachable or lost of GPS signal, your entire group automatically receives notification of the location, date and time of last known.

And finally its useful for families especially those with elderly which needs extra care and safe monitoring!

To learn more please visit our website by searching GoldenTrail on the internet.

Please take note of battery usage, as this application uses background GPS.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Last updated 11 Jul 2014