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GoMatters is a matter management system for legal professionals providing web-based access to ... More

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Published 13 Sep 2011

All businesses need an efficient system to record and maintain on-going transactions and events and none more so than a law practice. With time sensitive issues, not to mention emotional issues at stake, a robust and secure matter management system is a key requirement for a slick operation.

Gomatters.com is a web based legal matter management system with packages available from $50 a month for a 3 user practice right up to $800 a month for 99 users. And whilst it’s hard to imagine multi-national firms with top-end corporate clients signing up it looks like a great option for the new and medium sized operation.

The system can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world and requires no formal training. The website has a whole host of function tutorials to get the office up and running and singing from the same hymn sheet.

Creating, editing and adding to specific legal cases is simple and these can be assigned to particular practice staff with relevant access permissions marked. From a billing aspect you can add flat rate or hourly fees too. Contacts important to a particular matter can also be entered and subsequently called using Skype.

Gomatters can also put an end to conflicting diaries with a centrally stored law office matter diary which you can sync to a phone, desktop or tablet. With hourly or flat rate fees entered at the outset and an editing function that keeps tabs on the status and time spent on each case, billing clients can also be streamlined.

With secure storage for an unlimited number of law office documents spread over a number of different data centers, your sensitive business information is safe and easily retrievable. You can also rest assured that the data is constantly backed-up.

A good looking app for law firms looking to bring their processes together. With no need for licences or the continual purchase of updates it’s certainly worth a look your honour!

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