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Developer description

Fast and lightweight, Good Albums is an alternative gallery app.

1. First of its kind gallery app to group photos by moments.
2. Easy to organize your pics into awesome albums.
3. SafeView, brilliantly hide your personal photos, and only show relevant photos to your friends

Highlight features:
1) Create Photo Albums: Easy to pick photos & videos and organize them into albums.
2) SafeView: This feature preserves your privacy. You can safely give your phone to a friend to show off any album. In SafeView mode, the app just opens one album and closes remaining parts of the app. Now you are at peace from worrying about your friend accidentally flipping through your other personal albums/photos.
3) Listing photos by Timeline or Moments
- Moments :- Grouping photos/videos by event-wise/occasion, i..e, taken within a short span of time.
- Timeline :- Grouping photos by month-wise

Other features:
- Browse local photo folders like a gallery app
- Slide, view, zoom photos, and play videos.
- Share your photos and videos with your friends.
- Quickly load thousands of pics
- Multi-select pics & videos.

Enjoy Albuming :)

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Last updated 6 Aug 2015