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GoodBuzz is a Guerrilla marketing program for those who are ignored by the journalists and the ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2011

Goodbuzz is the beginning of a brand new form of advertising that's perfect for small businesses, artists and designers who don't have a big budget to advertise their product. It's a form of guerrilla marketing that allows you to create an advert with Goodbuzz and deposit a tip for those who view and spread the message with their friends.  Everyone who then views your advert  gets to split the tip money between them. So your customer wins by viewing the advert and gets paid purely for participating and the advertiser wins as they get to spread their message.
If you have a product or an event to promote and you want to build an awareness campaign for it you might want to consider a new kind of viral advertising where everybody wins. Maybe you've sent out tweets on Twitter and created a Facebook page but are still not getting the required results.
GoodBuzz is a Guerrilla marketing program for those who feel they are ignored by the journalists and the mainstream medias.  It's a place for advertisers to buy media from individuals and spread their message to as many people as possible. So how does it work? Advertisers post their advertisement with Goodbuzz to promote an event or a new product and then deposit a tip for people who happen to like what they are doing. Lets say your budget is $100. Just leave that amount as a tip for the people who share your message and spread the advertising campaign to friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or by email. At the end of the campaign which can last for up to a month, the $100 is split between these people relative to the leads they've generated. The Goodbuzz software tracks and calculates everything automatically. In the end, you are happy because you have reached more people and it will be even easier to promote your events next time with new products. The potential customer is also very happy because it's an easy way to earn extra money every month.
Advertising is changing. Nowadays, 75% of people discover new things by based on word of mouth.  If you are a small businessman or a sole trader you are probably working on a fairly strict budget. Goodbuzz is a very clever way of getting your event or product onto the grapevine of conversation while setting a maximum amount that you can afford to pay out. Goodbuzz would be perfect for the independent musician, writer or an artist with limited advertising dollars to spend but still want to create a buzz about their product. Goodbuzz could be a mighty fine free marketing tool that could well herald a great buzz on viral advertising.

Special Feedmyapp users offer...


- Goodbuzz is offering $500 for Feedmyapp users to promote their business
- promotions will be displayed like here
- all you have to do is go to Goodbuzz facebook page, and post their website, eshop, or app url. Here is the page link:
- Everyday, one participant is picked to receive $100 for his or her business promotion on Goodbuzz. the video here explains how whole system works:
- The winner are contacted by Goodbuzz and the amount of money is added to the winners account on Goodbuzz.


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