Developer description

Goodbuzz is a new app that help small websites owners, new startups, and event organizers to create and run giveaways (like big companies) to entice their fans, clients and followers to share their website, products or events on social medias. Typically, any user of Goodbuzz widget would get 30% to 50% traffic increase to his website in less than 30 days for ... free.

The main value of Goodbuzz is that, it makes it easier for small business and event organizers to create and run a giveaway. The widget manages everything for the advertiser, from participants registration to the prize claiming. The pages are clean. The advertiser has access to all participants contacts, and also real time statistics about sharing and participation. The advertiser could also customize in advance what people will share on social medias making the impact of their campaign more powerful.

For example, by just giving away few copies of a product a website would strongly entice its readers, visitors and followers to spread wildly their message on social medias. For artists, by just giving away few tickets to their gigs or passes to their new album, they would engage their fans to share more their music.

You can find more information about Goodbuzz here:

Last updated 11 Aug 2012

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