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Did you know that now your google plus profile has a big banner behind your profile pic? They ... More

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Published 20 Apr 2012

Google+ has tended to be the forgotten brother when it has come to designing pretty covers for your online pages. While Facebook's Timeline has been festooned with great cover making apps like Picscatter, Cover Photo Maker for Facebook and New FB Cover but I'm finding it very hard to find any apps for tarting up your Google+ cover page. So thank goodness for Google Plus Cover Photo Maker - a free design engine for Google where you can make your cover page one notch up from the rest. is a powerful, responsive and very quick and easy to use online profile cover photo editor for Google+. Did you know that now your Google+ profile has a big banner behind your profile pic? They called it a "Cover photo" and its pretty much like the Facebook Timeline cover with a slightly  different layout and setting. It has a bigger profile photo with a much longer horizontal background banner. If you are concerned with your personal branding then this tool will definitely help you. It will help you to create a cool and customized looking Google + without any branding watermark. What's more, it's completely free and very professional looking. You can create entire cover photo blend seamlessly with your profile picture. this will make a good impression for your profile visitor. Choose a design from one of the many themed covers which show your favorite sporting team amongst many others and add a little themed fun...