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Gooqus is the social search engine. Search the web with google and write and/or read comments ... More

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Published 11 Mar 2013

Search engines are two a penny these days. You can find one that suits your every need with just a little hunting on the net. They tend to be fairly cold places that just deliver basic information without any great recommendations as to which one may be best for what you are looking for. Gooqus is a new form of search engine, however, that doesnt only list a whole range of specific stories and related information that you have searched for but also let's you read and make comments - making it better for everyone else.
Gooqus is a social search engine with a difference. It lets you search the web in the same way that you would normally do with Google but the difference here is that you can read comments, write your own and give fellow readers more information about the results. Anyone can post their comments in the chat boxes powered by Disqus and you can filter your results so that only results utilizing Disque technology will be featured.  Now you can see what others have to say about your search results as well as being able to throw in your own two cents worth too. Anyone can post and read comments. Gooqus is the only search engine that allows user interaction on their search results.
Well it looks ridiculously simple and hardly worth worrying about at first but, on closer investigation, Gooqus happens to be a far better and much more user-friendly search engine than Google itself. I have this pet favorite band called Jellyfish that I often put into a search engine as a tester. I found everything I needed easily and it looks just the same as Google. The only difference being the comments that were put in by interested parties. Gooqus delivers a surprisingly good search experience that, if it continues and develops, will be a value-added search engine that might well become the one you use all the time. Whereas Google features paid ads, Gooqus fills those spaces with trending and interesting stories.

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