Developer description

Our recently released app, GoStands(free), allows you to create your own small business in minutes, and sell products or services to your neighbors and friends. For example, you can be the neighborhood corner store, or start your own private Postmates service for your area. We’ve smoothed many pain points in starting a small business, and packed everything into apps that give you full control. You can charge whatever you want, keep 100% of revenue, and get automated payouts within 1 business day through Stripe. We charge only the customers a flat fee for processing($1-$2, depending on volume). This is a marketplace app much like Amazon, but on a local level.

What makes it special?

Uber and the sharing economy churn subcontractors by the thousands, so clearly they don’t care about their foundation. They openly tell investors they plan on paying contractors less, while automating their jobs away. Go Stands is an attempt to flip this model, by empowering people to take on Uber and the other “sharing” startups. We’re building something new, truly, from the ground up. The recently viral failure of "Bodega" helped boost our user base, because we resonated with people who felt taken advantage of. Instead of that gentrification box, GoStands allows anyone to start a neighborhood corner store(from your immigrant neighbor, to your grandmother).

We’re giving our top sellers a way to further accelerate and automate their sales. We’ve invented a novel manufactured low-cost vending machine to allow remote retail sales. We’re giving away free BLE beacons to anyone who completes 10 sales, and the vending machine to anyone who completes 100 sales. BLE beacons passively broadcast your business to all phones within 100m.

Some quick key features:
* Accept apple pay, android pay, or credit cards easily without logins.

* Food trucks can eliminate lines, and broadcast passsively around them
Keep 100% of your revenue(we only charge the customers service fees to use the app)

* Get automated payouts through Stripe within 1 business day.

* Setup everything in 10 minutes, and go from 0-to-sale in 10 minutes!

* Get free perks like BLE bluetooth beacons, which broadcasts your business to every phone within 100m.

If this interests you, please check out the app links below, and I'd appreciate any feedback or questions.

Last updated 5 Oct 2017