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A new way to quit for the serious smoker

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Overcoming a smoking addiction is very difficult. However, quitting smoking can be done.

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Published 4 Jan 2013

I think that it's safe to say that life isn't easy for the smoker these days. They have to stand outside in the wind and the rain for a quick puff, their packets of cigarettes now feature grotesque images of mutilated body parts and the packs themselves seem to increase in price every time you turn your back. Most of these measures have been put in place to try to convince younger smokers that it isn't worth taking up smoking in the first place and, to be quite honest, it is working with the percentage of smokers dropping significantly in the last few years. But what can be done for the regular smoker with a habit? Gotta Smoke offers a new routine to slow down and eventually stop your smoking habit. Customized to your unique smoking habits, Gotta Smoke is a cleverly designed app that makes small adjustments to lengthen the period between smokes and hopefully leads to you eradicating the demon weed from your life.
Overcoming a smoking addiction is very difficult but quitting smoking can be done.  The path to quitting is a very individual one and all smokers looking to quit must figure out the right tools for their own success. Gotta Smoke is a health and fitness app for iPhone that determines your everyday smoking habits by utilizing a unique addiction evaluation algorithm and statistical analysis. It then creates a quitting routine which is customized to your unique smoking habits and...