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A new way to quit for the serious smoker

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Published 4 Jan 2013

[cont'd] needs. As you follow the routine, Gotta Smoke adjusts to assist you on your way. After every cigarette you have, the app will make small adjustments to the time between cigarettes, gradually easing you into smoking less everyday. When you see a green light, you can have a cigarette. A red light will advise you to wait a little bit longer. Use Gotta Smoke and start with small, achievable steps. This builds your confidence until you ultimately reach your final goal - a smoke-free life!
While we have to applaud the efforts of Governments to Put pressure on people smoking it's pretty obvious that it's a monetary decision for them. If they were serious in their philanthropic actions they would reintroduce prohibition too. The fact is, they are concentrating all their attention on the young and the hard boiled smokers have been left to their own devices to give up. So an app like Gotta Smoke will definitely be of interest to many smokers intending to give up because it offers a gentle alternative to the cold turkey method. It's easy to use and is very handy to keep in your pocket on your iPhone. Now if Governments were really serious they would be giving away anti smoking treatments to seasoned smokers but that would cost too much. In the meantime there is always an app like this one to give long term smokers a chance to give up. Make it a resolution to check...