Developer description

Grab Radio has just been launched on Android. The app lets the user listen to over 30,000 local and global Internet/FM stations on their Android Phone. What makes this app different from other radio apps is the fact that you can ‘Grab’ a tune that’s playing on the radio by pressing the grab button you are taken directly to the Amazon store and to your music collection. You can search for your station directly or through specific categories such as Local radio, Talk radio, Sports radio, Music genre, Artist, Location, Popularity, podcasts etc... There is a built in Shazam feature to identify the track when the radio stations do not give out the Meta Data.

The user can also add their favourite stations to a list and vote for songs or topics using the thumbs up/down buttons. ‘Tag’ all the tunes you like to your tagged songs list and listen to them again and again for free using the YouTube button. Connect to an artist’s Facebook & Twitter feeds via the ‘More’ button. Choose different Stream Types depending on 3G or wireless signal strength. The app plays in background while you run other apps. It also allows you to fall asleep to Grab Radio with our built in sleep timer.

Last updated 29 Mar 2012