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Backup your Instagram photos before they get lost forever

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Published 3 Jan 2013

[cont'd] iPhone or accidentally delete Instagram, you'll be able to restore all your Instagram photos to your device.
Instagram have had a bit of a rocky ride of late with the rumors of monetizing your photos and the new Facebook terms and conditions suggest that Mr Zuckerberg is definitely aiming to get his money's worth out of the photo business he reputedly paid US715 million for. It was rumored that a quarter of its monthly users deserted the fold at the time but Instagram has a life of its own and it's likely that this iconic photo app will bounce back easily. To their credit, Instagram did encourage users to backup photos elsewhere. You could do it directly to Dropbox or another cloud service yourself but with Grambacker you get the added bonus of being able to do it directly from your iPhone...and do it fast. With Instagram now up to close to 100 million users it's easy to see a big market for this easy to use and very useful iOS device. This 'no-fuss' and easy to use photo backup app is definitely one to think about.