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Published 14 Nov 2013

[cont'd] your emails and impress your boss with your writing ability. The app also works well if English is your second language and you just want to study up a little because you desire to sound more like a native speaker. Grammar checker cover every type of tense you can think of and gives you everything you need to know about verbs and nouns as well as plenty of other features including articles, relative clauses, adjectives, adverbs, comparison, conjunction and subordinate conjunction as well as prepositions. Basically, Grammar Checker Academic HD covers everything you need to know about writing in a comprehensive manner in the English language.
Here's an app that has proven itself very well since its initial release and has attained top ten in education application charts all over the world. Grammar Checker is a very easy to use education app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that literally checks your writing for grammatical discrepancies as you go - whether you are studying at home or out in the field. It can even loudly read back to you what you have written. You write a sentence and it will fix your grammatical mistakes and read the single sentence back to you - a very cool feature. Finally, you can ask or answer virtually any question about English to or from anyone around the world - you might even make some interesting friends from people in other countries.