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Shoot down those bad grannies before they fireball all of us

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Granny Invader AR! is an AR shooting game for iOS, where grannies with special abilities are ... More

Editor's review

Published 27 Mar 2019

Well, here's a new one. As far as I can remember, we haven't had a game with marauding grannies shooting fireballs at us before! Grannies are meant to be kind and gentle creatures who make cakes and look after us when our parents aren't around, aren't they? Mind you, one of mine did used to kick me under the table when I was a kid so I guess there is a bit of a precedence there. So...back to the game...

Granny Invader AR is a new and very colorful space-shooter game for iOS that sees bad grannies - all with different abilities - attempting to invade the world that we live in over 25+ stages. These aren't just regular nice grannies with cakes though. These are the type of bad grannies who used to kick me under the table. Rather than kicking, however, they have taken advantage of the new augmented reality technology and proceed to shoot explosive fireballs at us to try and wipe us out and invade our world - with nary a cupcake or a cookie to be seen anywhere.

We have no idea why these dangerous grannies want to invade our world but maybe we will find out along the way. In the meantime we need to stop them. So, how do we do that? Well, it seems quite simple really. We need to physically shoot them with our own AR device before they get the chance to launch those vicious fireballs at us. All you need is one hand. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to shoot down those evil grannies before they shoot you with their fireballs. Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Trouble is, it isn't. These grannies are tricky creatures and have a habit of hiding behind various structures before unleashing their fireballs in our direction.

So, what's our tactics in trying to defeat them? Well, the key here is to constantly keep moving so they don't know where to fire at us. If you stand still for too long they'll aim their fireballs straight at you and you won't have much time to respond and get out of the way. If your dodging abilities aren't good enough you'll get hit and you'll lose health points. Naturally, as you shoot more grannies down they will continue to come back at you over even more complex stages and, there'll come a point where you have to face up to the big boss of the organization. You'll have to up your game here by moving around the screen way more. Now, that will be a challenge! 

That's it really. Granny Invader AR is one of those thrilling and addictive games that's hard to put down. Graphically, it's absolutely gorgeous and very sharp with beautiful colors exploding all over the screen. The shooting action itself is exciting and, anyone who likes shoot-em-up style games will love it. What's more, you won’t have to put up with any annoying ads and the whole game will be there in front of you because there aren't any in-app purchases required to play it. Granny Invader AR is available now for iPad at the App Store. 

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