Developer description

Granny Mobile - the oldest advice on the newest devices! Did you catch a cold and there’s no one that would go to the pharmacy for you? Did your sofa get stained and you are worried about your landlord getting angry? Are you cutting onions but want to avoid crying like a baby in front of your new date? Sometimes the past has all the answers we need today. Granny Mobile, with her terse approach and her infallible advice, is the ideal App to deal with the little everyday tragedies with laughter and lightness. Download the App Granny Mobile and bring the funniest, most experienced and grumpiest grandma always with you.
The Italian version of the App has been top of its category on both the Android and iOS stores. Now our favourite Nana is ready to share her secrets with the rest English Speaking World! Granny Mobile offers over 300 tips – constantly updated – sorted into five categories: beauty, food, home, kids, wellness. You can save the most useful ones, share them with friends and post them on Facebook, as well as participate by sending suggestions that you know. With its cynical jokes and hilarious graphic design, Granny Mobile is the perfect App to get by in every situation. Although, needless to say, we will always remain incompetent sprogs to grandma’s eyes!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015