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Published 23 Nov 2011

Bookmarking can be a messy business. It shouldn't be but it is. I don't know anyone who has actually organized all their bookmarked web pages the way it should be done. Grazely is a free bookmarking and organize tool where you can display, store and discover new sites and links. Then you can even share your bookmarks and links with your friends.

Grazely lets you display, share, store, and discover bookmarks publicly or privately and works on all browsers and web enabled devices. Start a group and then choose who can view and share your group's bookmarks. So why use Grazely rather than the bookmarks bar on your computer? Well there are a number of reasons. Presumably we have all saved a link from a website? Google analyzes over one trillion websites and indexes them accordingly. Social bookmarking sites average millions of pageviews every day. It's the best way to find, save and share useful web content among computers and friends. Secondly, when using multiple social bookmarking profiles across different web enabled devices such as your home desktop, work computer, mobile phone and tablet, the bookmarks don't get automatically transfered, and they're almost never backed up. Over time you can end up losing your important bookmarks. So how does Grazely work? You can create a single user account to manage all your bookmarks. When signing into Grazely from any web device you can instantly access all your bookmarks and find the content you need...