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Developer description

The best online adventure store in Australia. Five years of after its founding Great Outdoors Direct was taken over by a young management team of super nerdy tech gurus and hard-core seasoned outdoors adventure enthusiasts. This blend was found to be surprisingly effective and over the last year has worked together to re-invent the online equipment store experience. Recently we have launched our long-in-development website: meet the Adventure Store 2.0. The site is clean, with a keen focus on User Experience that makes product navigation a dream, with a streamlined and focused product hierarchy. Clear call to actions direct your attention to the most optimal parts of the page, while rewards, wish lists, coupons, promotions and site reviews subtly hint at the user from their optimized locations. Our blog is vibrant and fresh, and is filled with great stories from our adventure experts detailing new innovations in the adventure space, shocking facts, reviews and just plain old good ripping yarns! The site was built in Bigcommerce and customized from scratch to give it that unique style and clean sophistication. If you’re in the market for camping, hiking, caravan, boating, fishing or beach gear in Australia why would you take the time out of your day to visit a busy store, or spend hours in a clunky site that does nothing but frustrate you – instead come to a website where we have taken into account the considerations of the young indie shopper with zero patience for bull – and a keen awareness of real value and taste.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015