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Published 7 Oct 2013

One of the faster moving health trends over the last year or so has been the ascendence of the healthy vegetarian smoothie. I've lost count of the amount of refrigerators I've looked into recently that are filled with jam jars filled with different colored juices. Green Smoothies is a beautiful looking health and wellness application for iOS that features a great collection of healthy smoothie recipes put together by noted raw food chef and holistic wellness coach Laura Glucina. Green Smoothies is a very modern looking, slick and easy to use app that delivers all the facts and science to back up her delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes that act as a natural detox on the body.
Green Smoothies is a beautifully designed app that carries a collection of 30 different, mouth-watering recipes from Glucina, a certified raw foods chef, holistic health and wellness expert and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. Laura writes a very popular raw food blog called Ascension Kitchen that shares recipes, personal stories and eye-catching photos of her fruit and vegetable based food and drink. The app follows very similar lines to the website and is bright, bold and illustrated with beautiful photographs that scream health and freshness. Green Smoothies is based around what Laura calls 'supersessibles' - a very basic and easily accessible selection of fruit and vegetables that are easily available from your local supermarket. There's no reason why you can't buy organic vegetables instead but it isn't necessary...