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Developer description

App includes an end user app from which the end users can place an order for products and it includes an admin panel for store owners to accept or manage orders and improve their business.

The App includes support for multiple groceries, stores, pharmacies where the end-user can choose from a directory of groceries, stores, pharmacies and order products from them. Each store has a different list of product items to order from.

All groceries, stores, pharmacies or any kind of shops can be viewed on a Google Maps so the end-users can browse stores on a map and get directions to navigate to them. Based on the customer’s location, they will see all the nearby markets delivering to their location and all the items that are available for ordering.

The app supports integrations with all major payment gateways such as Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, paystack and Wallet The app also supports Cash On Delivery (COD) Payments upon order pickups.

Push Notifications FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) App Push Notifications have been integrated in different areas of the app.

The customer is notified via push notification upon any change in order status by the market owner or manager
The delivery boy gets a notification when the market manager assigns an order to him.
Store owner/manager gets a desktop/mobile notification when the customer places an order with the market.
The app and the admin panel supports multiple languages including RTL (Right To Left) languages and also multiple currencies.

Customers can create an account using a mobile app or using a web admin panel. All customers can upgrade to the store owner role by just requesting on the admin panel (Admin needs to verify the request).

The app has intuitive and user friendly animations built-in within it. These animations intend to provide a smooth app usage experience to the end clients.
Each end-user can add any product to his wishlist to fast access to this product in the future. This is a useful feature to allow customers to favorite their frequently ordered product items and order them without searching.

After the customer places an order, they can track the status of the order on a timeline, also he can cancel the order if the order is not prepared.

Customers can write a review about the product or market that they make an order from and rate them. Admins / store owners can view the customer reviews & ratings, edit them or delete them.

Last updated 3 Mar 2021

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