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GreenUnite is a revolutionary crowdfunding and educational platform focused on helping to launch ... More

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Published 19 Feb 2012

GreenUnite gives you the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Here is a creative crowd sourcing application for the budding entrepreneur who wishes to invest his money in an enterprise that is green in nature and creating products for a more sustainable world. It opens up the pathways for passionate people to suggest new green projects and green thinking entrepreneurs who want to fund them.
GreenUnite is a revolutionary crowdfunding and educational platform focused on helping to launch important products, technology and content dedicated to creating a more sustainable world. They connect passionate individuals and organizations with green supporters devoted to making a difference in the world. The aim is to create a community that thrives on connections and interconnections that spark meaningful change to educate others on the effects of climate change. From cleantech to sustainable products to artistic educational endeavors (or anything in between), your crowdfunding project is welcome to the GreenUnite community and remains yours forever. You can post as many projects as you wish. There is also another more philanthropic part to GreenUnite, too. In addition to organizing to get your idea crowdfunded or supporting an important project, GreenUnite also provides the option to donate a portion of the funds raised to green U.S. There is no fee whatsoever for the person or organization that posts a project however there is a transactional fee placed on money raised.
The world is changing. It's surely more than coincidence that floods are ravaging the planet on a regular basis and high and low temperatures regularly break all-time records. Anyone who can't see that is in denial. So it has become more and more important to find ways of creating more sustainable products and ideas that, at the very least, prevent things from getting any worse. GreenUnite is an easy to navigate application that puts green ideas people and green minded entrepreneurs into the same room to get things moving. Very admirable.

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