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At GreenWise, we have a vision: A world where every company would take ownership over their carbon emissions and other pollutions and strive to reduce and offset them as much as possible. In other words, reaching carbon neutrality.

But the biggest problem companies are facing toward this vision is the overall lack of transparency along with the complexity and price of environmental accounting. And just because you cannot improve any metrics you don't track, chances are you won’t get far down that way. Unless companies would have an automated, easy and cheap way to account for their global emissions of all kind... Which they don't...

Up until now! GreenWise is that tool, bringing transparency to a sector that greatly needs it in order to reach a sustainable worldwide global economy.

With GreenWise, you can automatically assess your company’s environmental impact by easily connecting third-party services to your GreenWise account. The rest is on us!

GreenWise supports third party services such as (but not limited to) AWS, TravelPerk, Slack, Zoom... Additionally, we offer ways to account easily for your company's office utility bills and employees commute.

Be Green, be wise!
Join the revolution now!

Last updated 19 May 2020

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