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Grid layout Shock is a new plugin for WordPress developed under the Masonry JS idea. the plugin ... More

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Published 21 Mar 2013

If you wanted to present a Pinterest-like look to your Wordpress created site in the past, the chances are that you will have had to have studied a bit of coding to achieve it. If you are not aware of the Pinterest look, it is basically a responsive grid layout into which you can present everything from photographs to general information. Grid Layout Shock is a very flexible and customizable new plugin for Wordpress that just made it a whole lot easier to achieve. You can build any number of boxes of any size and personalize them with different color and fonts
Grid Layout Shock is a new plugin for WordPress developed under the Masonry JS idea. It allows you to create responsive grid layouts, similar to those featured in Pinterest, without having to know all the intricacies of how to code. And, thanks to the shortcode generated in the control panel, you can add it anywhere inside your pages, posts or widgets. Font type and size can be changed as well as the skin and width of the boxes and you can determine the info shown on the box - whether it be title, picture, text or even a 'read more' button. Posts can then be shown by categories, post types and taxonomies. The plugin also has the capability to show in the grid content from external RSS feed simply by inputting the RSS URL. Grid Layout Shock support posts and allows you to show galleries and portfolios as...