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Published 21 Mar 2013

[cont'd] well as RSS Feeds straight from your WordPress site. As each grid is rendered in its own shortcode, you can have as many grids as you want in a single page.
 If you want to create a page with the same styling as a site like Pinterest then Grid Layout Shock is most certainly one of the easier ways of achieving it. While there may be a few similar grid layout sites around, though, there aren't any with the flexibility of this one. It's easy to change everything from the size of your box to its color and font to give a unique look to your page. You can even change the order people see your boxes. At $9 per site and with several other plans available, Grid Layout Shock is a plugin made to make your life a little bit easier as well as delivering a high class Pinterest-style look to your Wordpress pages without having to know any code.