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Customer Service frustration is at an all-time high. We’re going to change that.

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Published 4 Mar 2014

They say that for every person that physically complains about a service you provide or a product that you sell, there are at least six others that don't. They just tell their friends...who tell their friends...who tell their friends. The fact is, having people complain about your business is not a bad thing. It gives you the opportunity to put things right and to establish a good rapport with customers. GripeO is a free customer support and help desk for web and mobile that makes the complaining procedure easier by changing the way we do it. It aims to work with both customer and business to resolve a problem by offering a simple 'no frills' presentation of the facts, after which GripeO will work to make both sides happy with the outcome.
Customer service frustration is at an all-time high and GripeO is aiming to change that situation - to the benefit of all parties - by improving the way we complain. It offers a new, simple and convenient way to submit your gripes for any product or service directly from your PC or mobile device. It increases the visibility of your complaint and motivates businesses to resolve your issue themselves as well as giving you other resolution options if they don't. GripeO came into being after an expensive steak knife snapped in half after just 3 months of use and the process of getting it replaced highlighted a glaring consumer problem. It’s easy to blame the manufacturer alone but there is always three sides to every story and sometimes, it’s the way that you complain that becomes the problem. Complaint management is something that is often difficult for business to comprehend too and, in order for any complaint orientated system to work, it needs a bit of give and take from both consumers and businesses. Part of GripeO's mission is to benefit both sides. The fact is, gripes aren't bad - they are incredibly powerful opportunities to forge brand loyalty. The GripeO website and mobile application consolidates and streamlines complaint submission into one fast and easy experience. They help to ensure that your complaint is addressed by the right person and work directly with business to make it right. Some businesses are already GripeO partners while others will be contacted and given easy access to your issue as well as the tools to address the issue quickly and effectively. When a business responds to a complaint, you will receive an email letting you know. If you're using the GripeO mobile app, you'll have a badge on your app icon that you can check on every now and then.
GripeO offers a new way of getting your complaint across without your having to wipe away blood, sweat and tears to achieve it. The truth is, complaining increases the visibility of a problem and gives a unique opportunity for business to step up and put it right and forge new loyalties and friendships. For an example, Cathay Pacific did the right thing by me many years ago when they broke the glass on a much-loved framed painting and had it reframed for me. After some twenty years, they are still my preferred airline of choice. The forms to fill in are precise and to the point and you can even upload a photo to illustrate the problem. GripeO is an app that should do well and could even end up with other businesses getting involved and offering you a better service. While not all problems will be solved, GripeO definitely offers a chance for both sides to reach an amicable resolution to an issue.

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