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Editor's review

Published 8 Nov 2011

If you’re thinking about throwing yourself from a high bridge with your ankles tied to a bungee rope then make sure you get it caught on camera. The same applies if you’re skydiving for charity or doing anything that constitutes an achievement in your life.

In fact an achievement doesn’t have to involve a white knuckle activity at all and this website is open for anyone to share an achievement with other users and along the way perhaps provide some inspiration and motivation.

No matter what it might be, as long as it’s legal, if it represents an achievement in your life you can register to become a member of the Groovor community and write a short but detailed account of it and what it meant to you. Most importantly you can and upload some images to compliment and enhance the story.

Other Groovor members will be able to comment on your post and hopefully get some motivation from it to strike out and go for something that has been nagging at them for years. If they succeed of course the Groovor community will be amongst the first to know.

The site itself has categories and so searching for a particular area of activity is made easier. As an indication of the diverse range of what constitutes an achievement there are sections titled property, handmade and pets amongst others. So if your poodle has just won best in breed or maybe you’ve finally completed that loft conversion at home then you more than qualify for Groover. If you're bungee jumping though you might want to think about giving the camera to someone else!

This looks like a great place to record your life’s highlights and share them with the world in an entertaining and at the same time inspirational way.

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