Developer description

Groovy Beats lets you create beautiful music by making simple patterns. Users select from a range of instruments and then taps out a pattern on the screen and the app plays according to the pattern. Based on original research on children’s perception on music, it’s an amazing way to create beautiful tunes which anyone can use without any prior knowledge about music.

Creating original beautiful tunes is hard. The main reason is that we cannot visualize music. The Groovy Beats app solves this by creating a very simple way to visualize tunes. Once you can “see” music, it takes away the complexity, and the act of creating music is just “drawing” the music as a pattern. This sounds amazing, but it works like magic.

Another great feature of the app is the ability to share the music you’ve created with others who are using the application. The app also has charts where the most popular tunes are displayed.

Last updated 25 Jan 2013