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GroupDocs is a web-based service for document sharing, collaboration and management. You can ... More

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Published 2 Apr 2012

We have reviewed several document management applications recently and GroupDocs joins the brilliant OrganiDocs HD, Zilicus PM and Folder+ as one of the better ones. It's a comprehensive web-based service for sharing files and documents as well as delivering a powerful set of management and collaborative tools that enable you to securely upload, convert, view, sign and compare all document formats with colleagues and business partners in real-time.
GroupDocs was designed for small to medium businesses and provides an answer to the perennial problem that is known as document management. It starts with a dashboard where you can see a list of your files and folders and gives access to the tools and applications as well as a snapshot view of your personal account details, how much storage you're using and any document notes. It features full drag & drop capability to allow you to organise your files easily and quickly. View and read documents in your browser whether you have the software they were created in or not. You can search, compare and embed the document and copy the text to a web page.  You can then print or download the file from the document viewer. The viewer let's you view PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS and many other document file-types online and within your browser with no software to install. Search and select text within viewed documents quickly and easily and copy it to the clipboard. GroupDocs Signature is an easy to use digital signature service and can be used to collect signatures without the administrative overhead of printing, stuffing envelops and posting. Simply email documents to your signers and wait for them to sign. The e-Signature tool let's you electronically sign documents by adding your signature and encrypting the document contents. GroupDocs Assembly is probably GroupDocs' most complex but also most sophisticated app. It lets you automate document creation and completion and is a simple way of creating standard forms.
GroupDocs is a document management application that makes it easy to store, share and manage your files with a massive array of rather clever tools. It features all the usual suspects when it comes to management features with a few good extra tricks designed to make your business run just that little bit smoother with most formats supported including PDF. One of it's nicest tricks is the GroupDocs Comparison that lets you compare two documents and see the differences between them helping you keep track of changes, consolidate different versions of documents and make sure that your documents are the best they can be. With new features being regularly added, GroupDocs has to be considered alongside OrganiDoc HD as one of the best in it's field.

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