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GroupGel was borne out of the basic idea that Groups are Good. People do good things in groups. ... More

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Published 5 Dec 2012

Many of us who take an active part of community activities sometimes wish the organizational abilities of the groups you are involved in could be a little more business-like. Whether it be the local football team, a knitting group or a community action committee, the bottom line is that you are going to have more success if you have a semblance of management going on. GroupGel is a nicely organized set of cloud-based management tools that is geared towards community groups and aims to give them as much structure as a regular business model and leave you more time to enjoy your pursuit.
GroupGel was borne out of the basic idea that people do good things when put into groups. Whether it's your school, church, the synagogue, a charity, a community campaign, your local sports club or even that Tuesday night drinking club you've been trying to put together, the fact is that groups create community, foster relationships, get things done and make the world a better place. GroupGel lets groups spend more time doing their thing and less time managing it. This one-stop, cloud-based application makes it easier to manage groups, get people involved as well as having a simple way to communicate with group members via text, email or voicemail. What's more, the well organized group will always entice more sign-ups and volunteers to get involved. Get your message out to your whole group, a sub-group or individuals with one click so no more giant email chains. Schedule events, create invitations and invite members and non-members. When members receive your event invite, it’s a simple click for them to respond. Collect and track RSVPs and send reminders based on your RSVP status. Use interest forms to create and send mini-surveys to members and get them involved based on their skills and interests.
GroupGel is an inspiring idea that is carried out incredibly well. It brings all the necessary ingredients to the table without any of the paperwork. It allows greater communication between members and allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and be able to control things better. And if you've ever been involved in one of those groups you will know that will certainly need to be someone in control who knows what is going on. It's easy you's, it's very easy on the eye and it's clear and concise enough for even for the Luddites amongst us to be able to understand. GroupGel could be a positive boon to the local community group.

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