Developer description

GroupNotif is a fully featured free group chat service without the excessive amount of notifications that annoy everybody and cause some people to leave and mute groups.

Problem: Typical group chats send a notification to every group member for every message that is sent. This leads to people receiving tons of notifications for messages they don't even care about. Three people going back and forth in the group chat can cause your phone to vibrate 15 times in a minute even if you have no interest in the conversation. Eventually people get fed up and the only solution was to mute or leave the group.

Our thought: How do we notify group members only for the messages that are important to them, while still allowing them to see all the group messages?

Solution: GroupNotif allows the user to choose which group members they want to notify for each group message that they send. You have the option to quickly choose everybody, or select a friend and press send. When used properly everybody receives one notification each time a new conversation is started, however you will only continue to receive another notification if you engage in the conversation. Regardless of who receives the notification all group members can see the messages. Never again does your notification count have to go past one for each conversation that beaks out in the group chat!

GroupNotif is simple to learn and easy to use. It is once you use it that you will see the true power in it. The larger the group means the more noisy they tend to get, we don't have any group size limits. Our features include everything else you would expect from a group chat or messaging service. You can download for free on iOS or Android and begin creating direct and group chats right from your contacts today!

Last updated 4 Apr 2017

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