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Keep track of food expiration dates and item quantity with The Grozer, the food inventory and recipe app that reminds you when food items are about to expire so you cut down on food waste!

Grozer is designed to make organizing food items quick, easy, and fun! With a highly intuitive interface and a beautiful graphical layout, this smart little app allows you to enter items via barcode scanning or through an autocomplete search field.

Create your very own virtual fridge, shelf or pantry where you can track the quantity of food items so you’ll never run out of ingredients for your signature dishes.

View and store your recipes and know at a glance if a recipe maximizes your current food inventory!

Get warning notifications when food items are about to expire through a widget that can be added to the homescreen. A quick glance at the widget will show you food items that have already expired, about to expire, and items that are out of stock.

So, whether you’re running low on eggs or milk is about to get bad, you’ll never miss a reminder! The app also reminds you to set expirations dates for food items that do not have one.

Key Features:

* Intuitive interface for easy navigation
* Beautiful UI design with graphical layout that pops!
* Store, View and share recipes with the Grozer cookbook, recipes are sorted depending on how ready you are with its ingredients (see the red progress bar under each recipe)
* Hands-free recipe mode. Maximize the use of your hands while cooking, control your phone from afar
* Recipes builder and Viewer that is intuitive and tell you at a glance if it maximizes your inventory or not
* Login with Facebook
* Supports barcode scanning for item identification and look up
* Autocomplete search field for quick search
* Tracks quantity of food items
* Event log per item
* Widget that users can add to their homescreens
* Supports import/export of database
* Share item databases
* Create shopping lists
* Create or restore a backup of food inventory
* Create items and recipes to share with everyone else (see

Grozer is an amazing app that does food inventory right. It’s packed with wonderful features that make for a stress-free inventory system. It not only helps you keep track of the food items on hand, it also helps you save time and money and helps eliminate food waste. And with it's recipe viewer, find ways to use up your food and stop waste in its tracks.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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