Developer description

Do you have a friend who has this one trivial annoying habit that you just can't stand? May be he chews out too loud or she posts too many self-shots on Facebook. Or may be you have a wonderful friend you want to tell everyone about without sounding like a sycophant?

Grumblee is just the right place for you! On Grumblee you can say things that you love or hate about your friends, anonymously! Conversely, on Grumblee you can see what your friends really think of you.

So now you can tell your friend that she has gone slightly overboard with her baby-pics on Facebook, without risking your friendship (because all she will know is that someone finds her pics one too many, she will never know it was you who said it!). You can also check out what others are saying about your friends. You can up vote or down vote these 'Grumbles' to express your agreement or dis-agreement. You can comment and discuss a 'Grumble' about a friend with the common friends you have (may be tell your story, may be tease them a little bit!).

All of this anonymously. All of your Grumbles, votes and comments are always shown anonymously to your friends.

On the flip side, you get to have honest feedback from your friends. It's always good to find out how your friends appreciate your helping them out in the time of their need, isn't it? You can also see if you have some habits that annoy your friends and fix them if you wish to. Who doesn't want to be more likable, right?!

Go Grumble!

Last updated 29 Jul 2013