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A group trip planner that solves four familiar problems

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GrupTrip is a social travel mobile application that makes four annoying activities easier and ... More

Editor's review

Published 23 Feb 2016

Over the years we've seen hundreds of travel apps pass through the offices of FeedMyApp for review. I don't quite know why it is but I can honestly say that we've loved most of them. Maybe it is that hankering to get away from our humdrum lives and find a nice desert island somewhere to relax on - somewhere that’s away from wars, politicians and the Kardashians. We'd probably all go away together if it wasn't for the fact that it's a pain in the ass to organize.

Why should it be so hard to put a group trip together, you might ask? Well, even when we've decided on the destination, we've all got different ideas of what we want to do when we get there and trying to split up the costs involved tends to turn into a logistical nightmare akin to the Greek financial crisis. GrupTrip is a new social travel app for Android and iOS that goes some way to dealing with both of those problems as well as a couple of other common vacation dilemmas and puts the fun back into group travel.

GrupTrip starts off quite simply as a handy travel itinerary and planner that allows traveling members to share the things they want to do while they are away. These suggestions can be voted on to decide whether they can be achieved in the time period and then added to the tour itinerary. When you get to your destination, the best ones are neatly categorized and referenced to remind you. Next up, the app deals with the money issue! It's rarely the basic cost of the trip itself that cause friction among group travelers. It's the little things. Malcolm reckons that he forked out for that trip for everyone to the elephant sanctuary while Simon paid for the VIP seats at the show afterwards. To complicate things even more, Malcolm paid in British pounds while Simon shelled out with US dollars. Just input all the relevant data and GrupTrip will handle all the math issues with ease so that everyone pays their fair share.

Trying to collate all the photos from the trip can also be painful, too. What usually happens is that each individual traveler posts their photos up on their favorite social network when they get home and it's a scramble to find all the photos from the trip. Malcolm falling off the elephant and Simon's selfie with that ladyboy are must-haves, of course. GrupTrip let's you share your photos as you go and creates a complete photo record of the trip so that everyone can see what you've all been up to. Simple! All in all, the app gives you a complete record of your trip in one neat package. When friends ask you what you got up to on your trip and ask you for your 'best beach' recommendations you can send your pinned experiences to them and they can see them on a map.

GrupTrip is the perfect app for vacations, bachelor parties, school trips, sports trips, wedding trips or even that road trip you've been promising yourself with your buddies. If differs from many similar apps because it gives as much importance to the social side of the trip as well as the monetary side. The app gives everyone a complete itinerary so that everyone knows what's going on at all times. GrupTrip simplifies the whole business of money spent while away including specific payments between individual group members - no matter which currency they are using. GrupTrip is available for free right now for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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