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A group trip planner that solves four familiar problems

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Published 23 Feb 2016

[cont'd] your destination, the best ones are neatly categorized and referenced to remind you. Next up, the app deals with the money issue! It's rarely the basic cost of the trip itself that cause friction among group travelers. It's the little things. Malcolm reckons that he forked out for that trip for everyone to the elephant sanctuary while Simon paid for the VIP seats at the show afterwards. To complicate things even more, Malcolm paid in British pounds while Simon shelled out with US dollars. Just input all the relevant data and GrupTrip will handle all the math issues with ease so that everyone pays their fair share.

Trying to collate all the photos from the trip can also be painful, too. What usually happens is that each individual traveler posts their photos up on their favorite social network when they get home and it's a scramble to find all the photos from the trip. Malcolm falling off the elephant and Simon's selfie with that ladyboy are must-haves, of course. GrupTrip let's you share your photos as you go and creates a complete photo record of the trip so that everyone can see what you've all been up to. Simple! All in all, the app gives you a complete record of your trip in one neat package. When friends ask you what you got up to on your trip and ask you for your 'best beach' recommendations you can send your pinned experiences...