Developer description

GstarCAD MC enables you to view and edit CAD drawings ( DWG, OCF and DXF files) directly on your mobile device. Work on designs without an internet connection. Annotate and revise drawings in the office, in the field or in a meeting. Manage your CAD drawings anywhere with GstarCAD MC!

GstarCAD MC allows users to check, edit CAD drawings (*.dwg or *.ocf) on the mobile device. You can review, survey, annotate the drawing easily where is not convenient to use the PC or notebook, such as construction site, meeting room and etc.
The professional version (GstarCAD MC PRO) supports edit and save drawings.

Open, check, edit CAD drawing files.
Supports CAD drawing file formats: *.dwg and *.ocf.
Transfer local drawings directly.
Support download attachments from e-mail, webpage and network disk and etc.
Zoom multipoint smoothly.
Support bigfonts which are used in East Asia, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and etc. User could transfer the fonts to mobile device, or download the extended language pack from website of GstarCAD.
Collaborative with Windows version of GstarCAD´╝îit supports kinds of CAD file formats, such as *.dwg,*. dxf, *. ocf and etc.

GstarCAD MC PRO provides functions as follow:
1) Drawing functions such as line, pline, rectangle, circle, arc, cloud, signature, text, comment, etc.
2) Editing functions such as delete, copy, move, rotate, scale, color, etc.
3) A series of auxiliary functions such as undo, redo, layout, measure, snap, dynamic tool, help, etc.
4) Full screen, zoom extent, settings and etc
5) File operations such as new, download, edit and etc.

Last updated 6 Jun 2013

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