Developer description

GSDfaster is the best productivity tool to getting stuff done FASTER and stress FREE. The app allows you to offload your ideas & stuff into a trusted source for processing at your availability.
*** Never forget a thing ever again!
*** GSDfaster allows you to quick dump thoughts, ideas and todos into a trusted source. With new infinity save you can do this faster then before.
*** Always be on top of your game!
*** People will want to know your secrets! You will be a productivity guru. With Calendar integration you will always be where you need to be and have stuff done.
*** GSDfaster is built and maintained as a personal need of Ernest Semerda. Therefore there is no risk like other apps maintained by companies that one day decide to kill the app or go out of business.
*** GSDfaster is made to be simple so it gets out of your way and does what it should do. Be an awesome GTD note taking tool. The bloated features or stuff you do not need. Just a simple and powerful app under your finger.
*** GSDfaster is affordable by anyone. 99c is cheaper than a box of fries. This app will serve you a lifetime.
1. Collect everything (stuff) that catches your attention. Immediately! No need to enter any additional properties until you are ready to process.
2. Gain control over the collected materials by processing stuff in your Buckets. Processing means deciding what to do with—not actually doing— by processing and organizing the items one by one.
3. Retrieve any notes from your finely assembled and customizable list of Buckets. Of course the standard GTD buckets are still there but with the addition of your customized buckets also known as Projects.
The power of GTD is in your hands. It's simple and efficient. Get GSDfaster today and enjoy the world of GTD productivity. Now you know what all the GTD fuss is about

Last updated 13 Jul 2014