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Developer description

Guess That Flag HD is a massive update of the hit game 'Guess That Flag'. The graphics are simply awesome and take full advantage of the retina display screen. The app looks stunning and plays perfect on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 devices.

Due to popular demands we have added a challenge mode in Guess That Flag HD and a child's mode. Now you can pass and play and challenge your friends to see who is the best. All the game modes are now fitted with a scoreboard. Here's a break-down of great features that sets Guess That Flag apart from other Flag game wonna bes;

* All multiple choice answer, so need to stress out about the spelling of a nation
* Over 6 different game modes including a kids game mode
* Each game mode has its own scoreboard
* Challenge mode allows the user(s) to pass and play to see who can record the top score
* Hours of fun with friends and family with the biggest flag app there is
* A new continent mode
* Takes full advantage of iOS retina display screen
* Runs truly wonderful on both iPhone 4 and the bigger iPhone 5 screen

Last updated 19 Feb 2013